Nema Enclosures Mfg. awarded ISO 9001:2015 re-certification as a Seal of Quality Standard

Nema Enclosures Mfg. is proud to announce our successful re-certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and have been recommended for continued certification for the next 3 years. As this was our recertification audit it was a more in-depth audit than the normal surveillance audits and it went extremely well. Quality management is a never-ending journey of continuous improvement, a journey that Nema Enclosures has fully embraced as we look to maintain a high level of quality, responsive customer service, and overall performance and efficiency.

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ISO 9001 remains one of the most widely used quality management standards, a symbol that is globally recognized and valued. The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 requires greater involvement of senior management, more focus on stakeholder (not just customer) expectations, and a greater assessment of risks and opportunities.

Maintaining and Improving our quality processes

Maintaining our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to maintain a high level of quality and responsive customer service, improve overall performance and efficiency, and to provide a firm foundation in our approach to continual improvement initiatives for technology, design, and processes and procedures.  Our certification gives our customers the assurance that our processes consistently provide products that meet their needs and expectations, as well as any applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.  The role of the internal quality auditor has also changed, it is no longer enough to check procedural conformance, auditors now need to be able to audit processes with an emphasis on risk. Internal auditors play a key role in the development and improvement of our working practices across our business. We have an amazing team of internal auditors at Nema Enclosures Mfg., qualified to a highly interactive certified training program on the most important attributes of a modern and effective quality management system. For our employees, our QMS provides them direct access to the company processes and procedures.  It also promotes a positive culture of continuous improvement and training, so that employees gain a better understanding of quality, customer focus, and how their role fits within the business. 

To achieve the intended objectives, a QMS must be maintained on a regular basis to remain compliant with the standard and relevant to operations.  To verify ongoing compliance, the certifying body or registrar conducts periodic audits within 3 years to ensure the system is being maintained and adheres to the organization’s processes. we are proud to have the certification in place and our commitment to an integrated Quality policy. It helps to promote a positive culture to drive our success in continuously improving our training and management systems. It is an integral part of our business strategy and performance.

For some companies, the journey to continuously improve and maintain compliance can be an even more difficult journey than the initial certification. Nema Enclosures, however, welcomes the challenge of external audits, as these ensure that we keep our systems, equipment/technology, and processes up-to-date and maintain the high levels of performance that might otherwise degrade over time into comfortability. 

We at Nema Enclosures would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to all our employees for their efforts in once again achieving this goal.  To our customers and our suppliers, thank you for your continued loyalty and commitment to our objectives.  We recognize that while this achievement is yet another important milestone for Nema Enclosures, our journey is never done.  We look forward to the process and product improvements we have planned, as well as our continued dedication and focus on quality and exceeding your requirements. 

If you would like to know more about our products, or if you have questions about our Quality Management System or re-certification, please contact us at

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