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DESIGNABOX is an innovative new online productivity tool from Nema Enclosures.

DESIGNABOX doesn’t require AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS software to use – simply an internet connection.

You can buy direct online or send your custom drawing with its unique part number to Nema Enclosures for better volume pricing.

DESIGNABOX is convenient, user friendly and quality assured.

DESIGNABOX allows you to take charge in customizing a standard enclosure - from junction boxes to free standing – to meet your exact job requirements using the following selection process:

DESIGNABOX integrates seamlessly into our manufacturing process so you get exactly what you specified.

Here's how DESIGNABOX works:

1. Specify Your Enclosure

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When a decision has been made to purchase an enclosures, design should be the first thing you consider.

2. Specify Cover Cutouts

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Typically you should start with the cover where the electrical disconnects & control interfaces usually reside.

3. Specify Side Cutouts

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Next, we recommend you specify the side cutouts. Below is an example of a fan and purge connection.

4. Top & Bottom Cutouts

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Conduits are typically on the bottom or the top. A drain cutout can also be placed here.

5. Review Your Enclosure

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Make sure the pilot lights, HMI, etc., cutouts are located in a way that matches your logic control scheme.

6. Order Your Custom Enclosure

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Once you have approved your own design specs, proceed to purchase your enclosure with its own unique generated part number. Ships in 5 days!


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