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Welcome to Nema Enclosures, your trusted partner in custom enclosure manufacturing. We specialize in low volume, high mix, make-to-order enclosures built to your exact specifications. Whether your project demands a single unit or a hundred, our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the design and manufacturing process. With a focus on quality, compliance, and customization, we offer third-party certifications that span the globe, including UL and C-UL for North America, ATEX for the European Union, and IECEx for the rest of the world. At Nema Enclosures, we not only provide a range of materials, finishes, and fabrication processes to suit diverse applications, but we also ensure that every enclosure adheres to stringent standards, setting the benchmark for performance and reliability. Explore the world of Nema Enclosures, where decades of expertise meet your exacting needs.

Material Selection: Our enclosures are constructed using high-quality materials such as powder-coated carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 5052 aluminum. Each material offers distinct characteristics suitable for various environments and applications. Factors like project budget, enclosure type, and environmental considerations guide the choice of material. From lightweight aluminum for wall-mounted boxes to rugged powder-coated carbon steel for challenging environments, we have you covered. We build with 10, 12, or 14 gauge and even 3/16” thick, depending on the strength requirements and any applicable UL requirements. Enclosure materials can be upgraded to 316 stainless steel for highly corrosive environments. We also offer stainless steel passivation, a process to remove and clean residual oxidation from welding and stainless-steel contamination. These upgrades will make enclosures meet the highest corrosive requirements.

Enclosure Finish Options: Our NEMA 4-rated enclosures are oven-baked with an ANSI 61 industrial gray durable powder-coated finish. Powder coating ensures a cost-effective, high-quality, and highly durable finish. Customization options include a variety of colors, gloss levels, and textures. We also offer powder-coated aluminum for specialized projects, providing additional options for your unique requirements. Our standard colors are ANSI 61 gray for NEMA 4 enclosure applications and Rocket Bright White for subpanels or for enclosure finishes to reduce heat load. We also offer non-standard colors and finishes, such as textured. Our NEMA 4X stainless and aluminum enclosures have a standard # 4 exterior finish.

Fabrication Processes: Our in-house manufacturing processes leverage state-of-the-art equipment, including a fiber laser cutter, robotic press brake, and fiber laser welder. These technologies enable consistent, precise metalwork at remarkable speed. Our team of skilled specialists, including certified welders and powder coat specialists, ensures that each job is processed efficiently from start to shipment.

Standard Features:

  • High-quality enclosure door closure options
  • Mounting tab/feet options for wall mount and JIC style junction box enclosures. Note: An enclosure installed to equipment, wall, or concrete slab must be properly installed to have proper door alignment to maintain the seal to the enclosure body. Installation of electrical components should be performed by properly trained and qualified electricians who are experienced in modern industrial electrical installation and all applicable codes and regulations.
  • Welded 12” high leg kit for floor mount enclosures with mounting hole provisions
  • Sub-panels with powder-coated white carbon steel back panels for all enclosure aside from Wiring Troughs. As standard, our sub panels are 3” smaller than the enclosure opening for our wall mount and most free standing and floor mount enclosures.
  • Grounding studs on enclosure body and door for all NEMA rated enclosures. Our Ex e certificated enclosure require an additional ground stud on the enclosure body and gland plates.
  • Gaskets to meet NEMA standard specifications and UL 508A compliance requirements
  • Finish: ANSI 61 gray powder coat for NEMA 4 enclosures and # 4 exterior finish for stainless steel and aluminum NEMA 4X enclosures

Quality Assurance: Our enclosures adhere to NEMA standards, UL listings, and/or IP ratings. Rigorous quality checks, including in-process inspections and final inspections, ensure superior performance and compliance. With over 35 years of expertise, we specialize in both standard and custom enclosure manufacturing to meet diverse requirements.

Tolerances: UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: Dimensions are in inches. Fractional: 1/8, Angular: Mach 1°, Hole: +.004/-.004 (laser only), One Place Decimal: 1/8, Two Place Decimal: 1/16, Three Place Decimal: 1/32, Powder Coat Standard: 2 mil, 0.5 mil.

UL Certification for Assurance: Our enclosures carry the prestigious UL 508A listing, accompanied by a NEMA and UL label (if applicable). UL conducts thorough testing to ensure environmental rating, material quality, and compliance with industry standards. A serialized UL label affixed to the enclosure provides customers with the assurance of the final rating (if applicable to design).

Important Note: While we are an established enclosure manufacturer, it's crucial to recognize that we are not affiliated with the NEMA organization. NEMA provides guidelines for minimal protection standards but does not conduct testing or verification of enclosure environmental integrity. Buyers should exercise caution when encountering manufacturers claiming NEMA-rated enclosures without third-party testing.

Customization and Specialized Orders: We offer seamless customization for specialized orders, including sunshields, insulation, specialty finishing, laser-cut outs, custom sizes and colors, multi-doors, window kits, and more. Our experienced Estimating and Engineering team assesses each project for certification compliance, providing approval drawings in PDF and 3D Solidworks files after PO acceptance.

Additional Services: In addition to electrical enclosures, Nema Enclosures provides custom-built enclosure accessories and value-added services, including in-house powder coating, dual-color options, and various finishes. While we don't offer turn-key solutions or electrical components, our Sales and Engineering Team is ready to assist with your enclosure needs, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effective solutions.

Contact Us Today: Explore how Nema Enclosures can quote your custom enclosure construction to protect you and your equipment. Request quotes for custom orders online or over the phone. Our Sales and Engineering Team is ready to assist with your needs, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today and experience the difference in quality and service.

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