Carbon Steel Enclosure

nema enclosure

Nema Enclosures utilizes carbon steel for our NEMA-rated electrical enclosures. Carbon steel is a cost-effective solution for a custom steel enclosure. Our carbon steel enclosures are well suited for general indoor and outdoor use where corrosion is not an issue.

  • NEMA-rated, UL listed, and/or IP coded
  • ANSI 61 gray powder coat finish
  • Wall mounted, free standing, trough and JIC box
  • Silk-screening and custom powder colors available
  • Custom with cutouts, insulation, hinges, latches or locks

Nema Enclosures manufactures custom and standard NEMA-rated enclosures. Contact us today to learn how we can expedite a custom design and produce cost-effective NEMA-rated carbon steel enclosures to protect your equipment.

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