IP54 Enclosures


IP54 Enclosures

IP54 Enclosures

What is IP54 Enclosure?

At Nema Enclosures, we adhere to the IEC's standards for determining enclosures' capabilities. Their International (or Ingress) Protection IP rating system defines an enclosure's protective capacity, and then assigns an IP Code. The code labels an enclosure's IP followed by two numbers; the first digit shows the extent to which equipment is protected against particles, and the second digit indicates the extent of protection against water. Our IP54 enclosures have a high level of protection against particles, and a fair amount of protection against water. All of our enclosures rigorously comply with the guidelines, so you can count on quality and cost-efficient enclosures.

What Are Characteristics of IP 54 Enclosure?

  • Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material
  • Protection from contact with enclosed equipment
  • Protection from splashing water
  • Available in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel
  • Available in wall-mounted, free standing, troughs, and JIC box
  • Engraving, silk-screening, or anodizing services available
  • Custom with cutouts, insulation, hinges, latches or locks

IP54 Protection Standards

Refer to the chart below for the ratings of relative protection of electrical enclosures:

Download Chart

Nema Enclosures manufactures quality custom and standard NEMA-rated enclosures. Contact us today to learn how we can expedite a custom enclosure and produce cost-effective standard NEMA-rated enclosures to protect your equipment.