Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us to answer any additional questions

  • While there are many enclosure manufacturers out there we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture exactly what you need when you need it rather than buying a stock enclosure that kind of fits your needs but still needs mechanical work done to the enclosure to make it suitable for the final application. If you are a systems integrator or panel builder our approach allows you to focus on what you do best (the actual wiring, assembly and testing) of the completed product and lets Nema do what we do best the mechanical parts of the enclosure.
  • We offer Nema 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12
  • Our enclosures can be used in Class 1 Division 2 applications but there are several factors that need to be considered for the final installation of the enclosure with final components installed.
  • The components such as terminal blocks, relays, disconnects, PLC ’s etc. that may cause an arc or spark need to be intrinsically safe or the enclosure may need a purge and pressurization system for areas where a potential exists for hazardous gases to be present.
  • Temperature rise inside of the enclosure based on the internal components is also a factor that has to be considered for the final certification. Nema can suggest a local company that can do the temperature rise test to determine the final T Rating the enclosure can meet after this test.
  • We can’t account for the exact hazardous conditions under which the enclosure will be performing, so we can only certify the enclosures’ environmental NEMA rating and not the NEC explosion protection classification for the performance of its contents and systems in a hazardous environment.
  • Many times a Certified Body will be required for final approval for certification for Class 1, Div. 2 applications. This required is usually determined by the end user of the product.
  • We have an informative blog that highlights the process of specifying a safety rated electrical enclosure for use in a hazardous location: Learn More Here
  • We welcome the opportunity to work with you on this project and can proceed with our quotation for a UL listed, Nema 4X & IP66 enclosure base on your specification if you would like.
  • Nema Enclosures is an ISO certified company with the latest standard of ISO9001:2015. This means we have a quality system in place that is documented, audited and certified body. Further we take Quality very serious and have adopted the ideas of Quality as measured by you the customer to your requirements, on time and at a fair price
  • All of our stainless steel and aluminum enclosures are polished to a #3 finish.
  • Carbon Steel enclosures are Powder Coated ANSI 61 grey as a standard.
  • ATEC/IECEx Rated Carbon Steel enclosures come standard as RAL4041 light grey
  • Other finishes can be added to the enclosure including Electro-polish, passivation, anodizing and alonizing
  • Nema Enclosures is a make to order manufacturer. Our lead times vary based on shop schedule, order complexity, etc. We specialize in quick turn around on quotes and custom products. If you need something in a hurry, our selection of e-commerce products typically ships in 5 days.
  • We do not modify standard enclosures. Our manufacturing processes are set up to all customization while the sheet metal is flat. This allows for the highest degree of accuracy and the best-finished product.
  • We do not. Our supply chain of sheet metal and inventory of enclosure components allow us to provide quick deliveries without the need for stock.
  • We accept purchase orders with Net 30 day terms as normal business practice. It takes about 3 to 5 days to set up a new customer with credit terms. We also accept all major credit cards as well which can help speed the initial order through our process. A credit application can be sent upon request.
  • We can provide cutouts for louvers, fan and filter or air conditioning systems but do not sell the actual cooling or heating components.
  • We can provide other option to help with thermal management including insulation, heat shields and roofs
  • Drawings can be emailed directly to us via a form.
  • The drawing format can be AutoCAD (.dwg), Solidworks (.STEP), .dfx or even a pdf of a hand sketch that outlines your requirements.
  • This information is provided in the title block of all our drawings. Tighter tolerances are available subject to engineering review.
  • Unless Otherwise Specified
    Dimensions are in inches tolerances:
    Fractional ±1/16
    Linear: ±.015
    Angular Mach ±2*
    Hole +.004/-.001 (laser only)
    One Place Decimal ±.0625
    Two Place Decimal ±.030
    Three Place Decimal ±.015
    Powder coat standard 2 MIL ±.5 MIL

  • In addition to ANSI 61 grey, RAL 4041 we also stock textured black, Safety Red, Rocket White, textured Off-White and textured ANSI 61 grey
  • We do all of our silk screening in-house. We typically require a file in XYZ format to create the original screen. We stock multiple colors of ink and can color match logos. Etc.
  • We do not engrave in-house but use serval local companies to do this work for us. Wet paint fill is also an option after engraving.
  • Absolutely. Our order acceptance process includes the generation of a drawing supplied to the customer for comment, changes and approval. Most electronic formats are available.
  • We do provide submittal (approval) drawings for every order. Drawing lead times vary based on workload and are typically as short as 3 days but can take up to 15 days depending on complexity and other factors.
  • Yes. We are here to help engineers and designers get their projects done quickly. They often require only one enclosure to pass customer inspections to move towards larger volume. Therefore we have absolutely no minimum order.
  • No Products are to be returned without written authorization by Nema Enclosures. In the event Nema Enclosures agrees to accept the return, there MUST be accompanying documentation in the form of a Return Merchandise Authorization or a Purchase Order for rework. Buyers that send Products to Nema Enclosures without one of these documents are subject to a delay in processing their return of up to 5 business days. Outside services or corrections to be performed by Nema Enclosures shall be limited geographically to a 50-mile radius of the Nema Enclosures facilities. In no event shall Nema Enclosures be liable for any damages to Buyer’s property resulting from repairs or corrections to the Products while made at Buyer’s location.
  • Most of our orders are less than a truckload and are palletized to provide optimum protection against potential freight damage. We can use your carrier, or we can ship with one of our local trucking companies. All shipments are FOB our factory.