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Nema Enclosures uses cost effective carbon steel in manufacturing safety rated electrical enclosures designed for general indoor and outdoor use where exposure to the effects of corrosion will not be an issue.

Steel Enclosure Types

All types of steel contain carbon but carbon steel has more carbon content. It also includes manganese and iron. Carbon steel is considered to be one of the most widely used steel metals because it has many uses and advantages when compared to other types of metals. It is also known as wrought steel and it can be formed into any shape. It is quite malleable and therefore can be poured into blocks that are rolled to form specific shapes.

Carbon steel is categorized into four general categories by carbon content which includes low or mild steel, medium steel, high steel, and ultra high steel, as follows:

  • Low Steel: It contains lower level of carbon constituent as compared to other alloys. It is comparatively is easy to form and shape and is cheaper than the other types of metals. It is widely used for various construction purposes. It has low strength and durability.
  • Medium Steel: Another alloy of steel includes the medium carbon steel which is resistant to wear and tear. It is durable and strong. It is used to manufacture large metal structures and automotive components such as, shafts, couplings and axles.
  • High Steel: One of the strongest carbon steel metals includes the high steel variety. It is mainly used to manufacture high strength springs and wires.
  • Ultra High Steel: This steel metal is very tensile and strong, well suited for manufacturing knives and axles. 

All these types of steel metals are used to manufacture various types of industrial tools and machines. It is also used to manufacture drilling bits as it is strong and tensile. It is even used to manufacture cutting tools and nails. High steel is mainly used to manufacture drill bits, knives and cutting tools as it is strong and versatile.

Nema Enclosures manufactures quality carbon steel electrical enclosures in wall-mount, free standing, floor mount, junction box and trough types due to its suitability in the forming process of manufacturing. All electrical enclosures are designed and manufactured in compliance with NEMA standards; are UL listed, and/or IP rated. 

Nema Enclosures electrical enclosures adhere to strict Nema Enclosures Quality Standards to ensure product performance and reliability.

Benefits of Powder Coating

  • All Nema Enclosures carbon steel electrical enclosures are finished with environmentally-friendly powder coating. In addition to a reduced environmental footprint, your powder coated electrical enclosure looks better and will last longer than a traditional liquid painted finish.
  • Powder coating is a clean process because no solvents are used, so only negligible amounts of pollutants are released into the air. In addition, unused or oversprayed powder can be recovered, so waste is minimal and can be disposed of easily and safely.
  • Available colors: white, flat black, gloss black, yellow, blue, orange. Custom colors are also available along with color matching services

Nema Enclosures fabricates quality UL rated electrical and instrument enclosures to your exact specifications and that meet your lead times. We believe that by thinking about your electrical enclosure needs while you’re configuring what goes into it will save you time, money and frustration.  Contact us today to learn how we can expedite custom enclosures and produce cost-effective safety rated standard enclosures to protect you and your equipment.  

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