About Us


About Us

Nema Enclosures was established in 1987 in Houston, Texas and is a leading manufacturer of custom electrical enclosures. We are an independently owned and operated company which focuses on personal attention to every enclosure we produce.

Specifying the electrical enclosure should not be the last thing you think about.

Nema Enclosures manufactures quality safety rated powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum electrical and instrument enclosures to your exact specifications and that meet your lead times. We believe that by thinking about your enclosure needs while you’re configuring what goes into it will save you time, money and frustration.  Here are the 5 steps to our simple ordering process:

1. Rating

NEMA, IEC and UL standards help protect electrical and electronic components from environmental factors to reduce safety hazards and to ensure consistent product performance.  It’s important to know where your enclosure will be used before you specify one.

2. Type

Wall-mounted electrical enclosures are suitable for numerous applications from housing components indoors to protecting your sensitive equipment in areas that may be exposed to extremely wet environmental conditions. Free-standing and floor-mount enclosures are ideal for systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations. Junction box enclosures are built to meet Joint Industrial Council (JIC) standards and guidelines to ensure quality and uniformity.  Trough enclosures are used to house and protect wires from water and corrosive elements in a number of applications. Custom electrical enclosures are built to meet your unique and exact specifications.

3. Material

Choose carbon steel for general indoor and outdoor use where corrosion is not an issue, aluminum for its lightweight, affordable and corrosion-resistant qualities, or 304 and 316 stainless steel for tough, corrosion-resistant construction – indoors or out in any type of environment.

4. Features

Options include custom engraving, screen printing, and custom finishes or coatings. We can make a number of custom modifications to any enclosure including specialty locks or latches, insulation or insulation retainers, custom cutouts, and windows, vents and gaskets – all as individual as your enclosure.  Enclosures can also be branded with company colors, safety messages, or fabricated to blend in with your company environments.

5. Size

Specify any size you need – height, width and depth. Nema Enclosures offers virtually any size you need.  If it’s not one of our standard sizes, we’ll build an enclosure that meets your exact specification. It’s that easy.

All of our enclosures can be enhanced by our value-added services like anodizing, silk-screening, 

Our standard enclosures are available in wall-mount, free standing, floor mount, junction box and trough types – depending on what fits your needs best. All electrical enclosures are manufactured in compliance with NEMA standards; are UL listed, and/or IP rated. Nema Enclosures electrical enclosures adhere to strict Nema Enclosures Quality Standards to ensure product performance and reliability.

NE Design

Watch for NE DESIGNABOX, our new online electrical enclosures manufacturing solution coming online soon.

Contact us or order online today for all your stainless steel & aluminum electrical enclosure needs.