UL Listed Enclosures


UL Listed Enclosures

Nema Enclosures manufactures electrical enclosures with a UL Listing. We can fabricate the following types; 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, & 12K. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is a privately owned and operated, independent third party product safety testing and certification organization with more than 1,000 standards for safety. These standards ensure safety and improves the quality of the enclosure. We produce standard and custom electrical enclosures that comply with UL standards to give you a high-quality, UL listed enclosure.

  • Free standing, available with LSK
  • JIC box
  • Wall mounted
  • Trough
  • Most custom enclosures

Nema Enclosures manufactures quality custom and standard NEMA-rated enclosures of aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel. We believe that by thinking about your enclosure needs while you’re configuring what goes into it will save you time, money and frustration.  Contact us today to learn how we can expedite custom enclosures or produce cost-effective standard safety rated enclosures to protect you and your equipment. 

The ratings shown in the chart below are based on similar application descriptions and performance expectations.

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