What are Termination Boxes, Busways, Bus Ducts, and Bus Boxes?

busbar enclosureThe four terms busway, bus duct, termination box, and bus box are one in the same; they are electrical enclosures that house copper or tin plated copper busbar that carry very large currents. The enclosures typically house four busbars mounted on custom Z-Brackets with specific insulators depending on the amperage and other specifications. These types of enclosures allow the tapping of feeder circuits for power distribution.

The most common variation of these types of  enclosures that we encounter is for switchgear applications and mainly stainless steel; aluminum is a lighter weight alternative. Other applications are as simple as multiple unit draw systems or even for commercial construction projects with common electrical sourcing. Those applications use stainless, aluminum, or even powder coated carbon steel. NEMA Enclosures provides a variety of made to order custom Bus Boxes.

Below are some items that will determine the size and construction of the enclosure:
1) The number of devices or drops that need to be connected to determine number of access points
2) The spacing between units connected to the unit
3) The location of the installation- Indoors/Outdoors/Extreme Conditions

Taking those factors into consideration plus any other job specific requirements we are able to develop a bus box that will meet your needs and include a variety of custom features.

Some of the custom features that we provide are:
1) Multiple access points to allow for front and rear access
2) A variety of door/access panel hardware options
3) Multi-Step “Z” brackets welded in place to separate the required legs and ground
4) Pre-punching customer supplied copper bus bar (2”-4” width and ¼” to ½” thickness is typical for copper bus bar stock)
5) NEMA or IP rating along with UL listing.

Busway, bus ducts, termination box, or bus box. You can name it, just leave the building of it to NEMA  Enclosures.

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