Enclosure Options


Enclosure Options

With our extensive manufacturing capabilities and the access to quality materials, Nema Enclosures produces a variety of non-enclosure type products.

Our facility allow us to custom build enclosure accessories to your exact specifications like brackets, sub panels, leg kits, window kits, gland plates, drip shields, canopies/solar shields, roofs and more.

We do offer a range of value-added services that includes any thru holes, PEM installation, custom studs, welded couplings, removable eyebolts/lifting eyes, custom racks and/or unistrut installation. For enclosure finishing, powder coating is available in-house, and we have the ability to apply a dual-color! Logo or labeling options include silk-screening or engraving. Additional finishes include; passivation, electropolishing and clear anodizing for most products.

Our Sales and Engineering Team has the experience and expertise to reverse engineer any enclosure for your specific application. We can also take an unrated enclosure and manufacture a UL listed NEMA-rated enclosure.

Please note Nema Enclosures, does not provide turn-key or electrical components as we provide the empty sheet metal enclosure component rated and certified.

Nema Enclosures fabricates quality UL rated electrical and instrument enclosures to your exact specifications and that meet your lead times. We believe that by thinking about your electrical enclosure needs while you’re configuring what goes into it will save you time, money and frustration.  Contact us today to learn how we can expedite custom enclosures and produce cost-effective safety rated standard enclosures to protect you and your equipment.