Vorne Washdown Enclosures


Vorne Washdown Enclosures

Protect your Vorne Productivity Appliance™ during wash down in a NEMA 4X hose down rated 316L stainless steel enclosure from Nema Enclosures.

vorne enclosures vorne monitor enclosure

Nema Enclosures protects your productivity investment.

We wrap your sensitive technology in a hose down rated 316L stainless steel enclosure designed to keep the elements out while keeping what’s important inside safe – ensuring that you continue to receive the critical actionable information you need when you need it. Our enclosures feature a shatterproof window, a sealed door, quarter turn latches and concealed hinges. It’s easy to bolt on the Vorne display, hook up the wiring and mount anywhere in your facility.

There’s a hose down rated Nema Enclosures enclosure designed for every Vorne Productivity Appliance.

They’re easy to order. Simply use the chart below to match your enclosure product number to your productivity appliance model number when ordering.


NE Enclosure                     Vorne Productivity Appliance

CHDSS6223906VD             XL600-3T

CHDSS6263906VD             XL600-4T

CHDSS6353906VD             XL600-6T

CHDSS6203406VD             XL800-32080T

CHDSS6206006VD             XL800-32160T

CHDSS6208306VD             XL800-32240T


Download a Nema Enclosures | Vorne Data Sheet (PDF)

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