Federal Trademark Registration of DESIGNABOX®

Nema Enclosures is proud to announce the successful federal trademark registration of our brand mark DESIGNABOX® with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The new registered trademark of the DESIGNABOX online retail store.

The U.S. Trademark Registration Number 4,792,144, granted on August 11, 2015, registers the mark DESIGNABOX® for the following services:

  • Retail store and online retail store services featuring custom-configurable and made-to-order electrical enclosures;
  • Online and retail customized manufacturing of electrical enclosures for others; custom manufacturing of electrical enclosures; manufacturing services for others in the field of commercial and industrial electrical enclosures; providing technical information in the field of electrical enclosure manufacturing;
  • Design and development of electrical enclosures for others; providing a website featuring technology that enables users to custom-configure electrical enclosures that are made to order.

DESIGNABOX electrical enclosure online experience landing page.

DESIGNABOX® enables OEMs and system integrators to customize electrical enclosures before they order it. It is an innovative new online productivity tool from Nema Enclosures.

DESIGNABOX doesn’t require AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS software to use – simply an internet connection. You can buy direct online or send your custom drawing with its unique part number to Nema Enclosures for better volume pricing. DESIGNABOX is convenient, user friendly and quality assured.

It enables OEMs and system integrators to take charge in customizing a standard enclosure.

Electrical enclosures ordered online at http://www.nemaenclosures.com/custom-electrical-enclosures.html meet these industry standards.

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